In 2011 I left my retail job with $2000 in savings to start a "design company". I did not know what that meant but spent the next several months furiously building a portfolio. As all businesses do, I slowly pivoted, in this case into an apparel brand. At the same time, I was painting murals, and the two sides of the business fed each other.

Through DCXV I gained experience not just in designing, but in product development and management. Creative directing designs, strategy, photo shoots and ad campaigns. Creating and negotiating licensing deals, as well as protecting intellectual property. Most importantly, how to run a business and care for your employees.

As the business grew we were shipping world wide, celebrities were appearing in publications and social media wearing DCXV, and our tiny shop became a destination for people visiting Nashville. By the time I closed the brand in 2018 to focus on painting, I had turned my $2k life savings into lifetime sales in the millions. DCXV was my first business, but most significantly, it was my education.