High Quality Distraction

High Quality Distraction was a solo exhibit of my work in collaboration with my friends, Friendly Arctic, to debut their new event space. The theme was a satire of success, specifically success in art, and included a new collection of works in the gallery space, and several interactive and immersive installations.


There was the Champagne Selfie Station where attendees could purchase bottles of champagne to spray at each other while having their photo taken in front of a mural stating 'You Post Too Much'. There was the forest installation of 'trees' that I created using fallen tree branches and cement, spray painting them in fantastical, bright color combinations. And then there was the title piece of the show, High Quality Distraction, a full immersive mural meant to create the experience of walking into one of the paintings from the gallery.

The event was a launch of Friendly Arctic's new space, bringing out nearly a 1,000 people through the course of the night solely from social media, generating ongoing shares and posts over the next several months

Paul Violente, Murmur Creative

"Adrien doesn't just create murals. He

creates immersive experiences that

pull you in and tell a story. His art has

created literal movements and

countless memories for so many

people, and those stories have been

shared across the country (and world)"