I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE is a piece of public art  I created in 2011 and placed in early 2012. The city was at the beginning of a transformative period and coming out of difficult one. There was an empty building with a prominent, street facing wall, and I was curious to see how people would respond to a message of positivity after growing discord locally and nationally. So for $60 in wheat paste and a hefty discount from my friend at Kinko's, the first I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE went up.

Megan Barry, Former Mayor of Nashville

“Adrien created a defining piece of statement art to help heal our great city when Nashville needed it most. Over the years, ‘I Believe In Nashville,” has gone from a statement on a building to an iconic and powerful symbol for the whole city. Tourists find their way to it for a photograph but hopefully come away knowing what it represents – our inclusivity, our optimism and our resilience.”

In the years since, the symbol has spread around the globe through social media. The original mural has been shared over 1 million times alone. The popularity of the murals lead to features from celebrities and publications around the world, the development of a successful apparel and merchandise line, and several high profile collaborations. 

These collaborations and a continued focus on innovative, ground level marketing helped to grow I BELIEVE further. When I exited the brand in early 2018 I had grown it to a seven figure evaluation, but what I am most proud of is what it has come to represent to the city of Nashville. This became even clearer when in 2020 Nashville was hit by a tornado. One of the buildings I'd painted a mural on was hit. The only part of the building that was spared was the mural. Photos were shared widely and the image became a rallying point for the community, helping to raise incredible amounts of relief funding.