Pilgrimage music festival approached me to make a large installation for their inaugural festival. The festival takes place on a large horse farm and has one main road by its entrance. In keeping with the theme and in homage to the show sign and block print history of Middle Tennessee, I made giant block print letter signs. 

For weeks leading up to the event people would drive by and share photos of the installation, driving more traffic to the festival's socials. When the weekend arrived, attendees would beeline to the installation to take a photo before heading into the festival


I collaborated once more with Pilgrimage in 2016. The signs returned but for this year I made a large scale 3D horse sculpture with the help of my friends at Fort Houston. Between the two installations I loved seeing the interactivity of the audience, in real life and in the sustained boost in social media and website traffic for the festival and my own company

Megan Barry, Former Mayor of Nashville

“Adrien created a defining piece of statement art to help heal our great city when Nashville needed it most. Over the years, ‘I Believe In Nashville,” has gone from a statement on a building to an iconic and powerful symbol for the whole city. Tourists find their way to it for a photograph but hopefully come away knowing what it represents – our inclusivity, our optimism and our resilience.”